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The Classic Strut Mount is perfect for school photographs and is a low-cost, high-profit, stylish, essential for a professional photographer.

By itself a photograph is an object of interest, but when it is framed it becomes an exhibit and is instantly more marketable to customers, it also shows an investment on your part and a higher level of professionalism than that of an amateur.

Our new range of Value Strut Mounts come in Blue or Charcoal and are able to hold the following print sizes - 5x7", 6x8", 6x9". The strut mounts have a "Double pinstripe" blocking around the aperture, Silver for the Blue and Charcoal mounts.
Type 5"x7" 6"x8" 6"x9"
Double Stripe (Charcoal with Silver) 5331FOLD 5332FOLD 5333FOLD
Double Stripe (Blue with Silver) 5321FOLD 5322FOLD 5323FOLD

Our Classic Strut Mounts are available in two designs, black with a silver pinstripe border and brown with a gold pinstripe border, five different sizes and can be displayed either Upright (Portrait) or View (Landscape) thanks to their strong corner stand.

Type 6"x4" 7"x5" 8"x6" 9"x6" 8"x10" 8"x12"
Brown (Gold Stripe) 5288FOLD 5289FOLD 5285FOLD 5286FOLD 5287FOLD 52813FOLD
Black (Silver Stripe) 5281FOLD 5290FOLD 5282FOLD 5283FOLD 5284FOLD 52812FOLD

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